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Try MinIO – Self-Hosted S3-Compliant High-Performance Object Storage

Are you trying to find object storage software to host on your server?

I guess, yes?

There is many cloud-based object storage like AWS S3 and others I discussed here. However, if you would like to host your data on your server, MinIO can help within your data centers.

mini is open-source, popular distributed object storage software and compatible with S3. It’s enterprise-ready and known for its high performance.

You can use MinIO from an easy web application to large data distribution workloads for analytics and machine learning applications. It can help in many use cases.

Standard file storage

Multi-cloud data distribution

Disaster recovery

Data analytics

Is it bulky software?

Nope, it’s just around ~50MB and Kubernetes-friendly. It writes data and metadata as an object. This removes the dependency on having a further database or software to store metadata and improve performance.

The below architecture from their official site. Let’s explore a number of the features worth noting.

High-performance – the title says. It’s capable of reading/writing at the speed of ~170GB/s. That’s a lot!

Scalable – choose clustering and scale as you would like 


Data protection using the Erasure code method

Multiple encryptions supported including AES-CBC, AES-256-GCM, ChaCha20

Compatible with common KMS

Application and user identity

Event notification

Federation using etcd and CoreDNS

MinIO may be a good selection for software-defined storage. Let’s explore the way to set things up.

Installing MinIO Server

You can install it on Linux, Windows, macOS, and thru Kubernetes. Prefer building through source? Sure, you'll do if you've got Golang installed.

For this demonstration, I will be able to install it on CentOS which is hosted on Kamatera.

Login to the server

Create a folder under the desired filing system. Maybe mini-server

Navigate to the newly created folder and run the below wget command

The interface is extremely neat and clean but before anything, let’s change the default credential because it exposes the danger. there's no choice to change the admin credential through the browser but environment variables.

To change the MinIO default credential, we'll export the access and secret key as below and begin the MinIO.

You can do literally everything through the client. Not just you'll manage MinIO cloud storage but also GCS, AWS S3, Azure.

Check out this client quick start guide for more details.


Depending on your application stack, you'll interact with object storage programmatically using SDK. It supports Go, Python, Node.js, .NET, Haskell, and Java.

MinIO Gateway

Add MiniIO gateway to S3, Azure, NAS, HDFS to require advantage of MinIO browser and disk caching.


If you're trying to find private, hybrid, or multi-cloud object storage then MinIO looks promising. provides an attempt to you’ll fall crazy with it. to check things, you'll get Kamatera’s MinIO VM or install yourself on any Cloud server.

How to Take a Google Cloud VM Screenshot?

Wondering what’s happening on your Google Cloud VM? Take a screenshot!

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has introduced a replacement feature – Screenshot. this will be very handy during troubleshooting when your VM doesn’t respond, stuck at a blue screen, or expecting some inputs.

It supports Windows and Linux, both, and therefore the excellent news is you'll capture a screenshot on-demand through GCP console or API.

As you'll figure out with the above image, it's not enabled by default. But it doesn’t take quite a moment to activate this feature.

Let’s see how.

VM must be within the stop state. If not, please do so.

Navigate to the VM instance and click on Edit

Scroll to the Display device and choose “Turn on display device”

An Introduction to Trending Ops – SysOps, DataOps, DevSecOps, AIOps, ITOps

In this article, I will be able to mention the new Ops trends which are becoming adopted by many organizations.


DevOps has been a game-changer domain within a previous couple of years. Every organization, small or big, are implementing DevOps culture today. It helps in automating everything and making things easier by deploying the software quicker and in an efficient way.

It is a mix of cultural philosophies, practices, tools which help the organizations to deliver services and applications at high velocity. It improves and evolves the merchandise at a faster pace instead of using traditional approaches for software development and infrastructure management.

But there's always room for further innovations, and things are moving beyond DevOps now. With security and AI technologies being adopted tons by the IT industry lately, new Ops cultures have emerged. they're a hot topic of dialogue within the market.

Check out these resources to find out about DevOps.

Let me tell you a few new and trending Ops cultures.


SysOps stands for System Operations. It includes expertise in deploying, scaling, migrating, and managing systems. you'll also consider it as a specialization within the deployment, management, and operations of cloud infrastructure.

SysOps and DevOps are slightly different. Unlike DevOps, SysOps follows ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) approach. the first focus here is to make a strict guideline to deliver the IT services which align with the business objectives.

Below are a couple of SysOps expert responsibilities:

Manage the software lifecycle on cloud

Administer the multi-tier systems architecture

Configure the infrastructure on the cloud

Patch management and software up-gradation

Manage disaster recovery

Maintain data integrity

Monitor degree of performance


The demand for data products and access to data assets is growing exponentially. Modern data management platforms and data platform teams aren't ready to continue with the demand for DevOps enabled products.

DataOps is that the practice of analysts, data scientists, developers, and operations participating together within the entire service lifecycle from design to development to production support. the aim of DataOps within the enterprise is basically to extend analytic velocity and make analytic outcomes for data consumers.

Just like in DevOps, a key principle in DataOps is automation, but in the past, data has not been used much for extreme automation. So, embracing DataOps will assist you to compete on analytics, which can be a competitive motivator for upcoming years.

DataOps professional responsibilities:

Provides access to multiple data sources

Facilitates testing and monitoring of knowledge management processes

Generate data model and data versioning

Governs data quality, security, privacy, retention

Manages and deploys data infrastructure

Set up standards, processes, and methodologies for data analytics product


Just like DevOps established how of working between developers and IT operations, SecOps may be a new paradigm that facilitates better collaboration between IT Security and IT operations.

It enables teams to prioritize critical vulnerabilities by deploying secure work processes and security solutions. instead of reacting to the newest attacks, it helps organizations to require a proactive approach to security issues by managing the known vulnerabilities properly.

Below are the SecOps expert responsibilities:

Monitor activity throughout the enterprise IT infrastructure

Implement the incident response plan

Perform root cause analysis of a security breach

Develop solutions to detect and answer threats proactively

Auditing infrastructure configurations regularly.


DevSecOps brings a facet of Security in every process cycle of development. the aim and intent of DevSecOps are to create the mindset that “Everyone is liable for Security.”

In today’s application development landscape, cyber-attacks became frequent and complicated. information technology degree

Security architects are watching the news to ways to check if their products are safe and dealing properly for patrons. DevSecOps solves this problem by placing security earlier within the life cycle of the appliance development to scale back vulnerabilities and convey security closer thereto and business objectives.

It involves six components – code analysis, change management, compliance monitoring, threat investigation, vulnerability assessment, and security training.

DevSecOps responsibilities:

Perform code analysis with automated vulnerability scans and penetration tests

Develop threat models to know the attacks

Create automated tests to see security configurations

Fix security issues and loopholes within the lifecycle

Ensure compliance with industry-standard regulations associated with data protection and security


ITOps also mentioned as Information Technology Operations is liable for delivering and maintaining applications, services, tools, and technologies required to run an IT enable company.

ITOps majorly includes network infrastructure, computer operations and help desk, and server and device management. it's one among the four defined functions within the ITIL best practices framework.

Responsibilities of an ITOps professional:

Own and control the method of IT operation

Manage and maintain IT infrastructure and hardware

Install and manage networks functions and applications

Create a disaster recovery plan for the organization

Measure and monitor the IT infrastructure performance

Perform data backups

Configure and tune servers for better performance

Manage software licensing


NoOps or No operations means automating everything, from maintaining the event of software to running it. consistent with NoOps, with such A level of automation, there shouldn’t be a requirement for a fanatical in-house software management team (Ops team).

The two key components of NoOps are IT automation and Cloud computing. during this cloud computing era, most of the Ops work is handled by third-party service providers instead of in-house.

So why are companies that specialize in NoOps?

Majorly due to two reasons.

The first reason is that companies want to focus more on development. for large companies like Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, what's most vital to them? It’s their code, that's what they're developing, and eventually, it's the code that creates money. So, if they will outsource their infrastructure, they will then spend longer developing their code, putting more resources on that specialize in the way to improve their code.

The second reason is it makes more sense is now due to the way cloud computing works. With huge companies like AWS, it's tons cheaper for these giant companies to try to do it in scale. It means by outsourcing it; companies can save tons of cash than if they struggle to try to do it on their own.

But honestly, the NoOps concept remains considered theoretical because, realistically, you continue to require humans to work on your application.


AIOps stands for AI in IT Operations. It refers to the utilization of knowledge science and AI to research big data from various IT and business operations tools. The goals of AIOps are to extend the speed of delivery of the varied services, to enhance the efficiency of IT services, and to supply a superior user experience.

AIOps enables us to maneuver faraway from siloed operations. It provides intelligent insights that will be communicated to the stakeholders. Also, it can help drive automation and collaboration within a corporation.

Google CAMP, DevOps, AWS, Azure, GitPod, Terraform, and more – August Week 5 takes you on a roller-coaster ride!

We hope you're doing great!

The new week starts with some really interesting news able to be served directly onto your screen.

So, buckle up!

1. Faster thanks to Reach Future Solutions – Google CAMP

The Google Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP) is predicated on improving the delivery power of the appliance at higher scales. as an example, this program is to deploy the power to check over 650m test cases a day and over 14 quadrillion monitoring metrics parsing.

2. Inch towards subsequent tread on DevOps Implementation

DevOps has evolved its solutions to assist people to understand the performance ability of the organizations. These new capabilities can assist you to specialize in the transformation of the organizations. Use the fast check tool to match the performance of your company to varied industry levels to satisfy the specified throughput or stability.

3. the simplest AWS Blogs Are Here to Convey Essential Information

AWS Blogs are scattered over the web, but you would like to specialize in the simplest ones to urge quality information. a number of the simplest AWS blogs over the web are What’s New at AWS by Cloud Innovation & News, Whizlabs Blog, AWS Insider, Reddit, et al..

4. Insurance Workload Migration with AWS Landing Zone over BriteCore for Improved Security

BriteCore and AWS Landing Zone are migrating to develop a modern-time administrative system. this technique is designated to serve P&C Insurance with more agility and scalability. additionally thereto, this administrative system is more likely to be highly secured as compared to on-premises infrastructures.

5. Local Development found out for Azure Statics Web Apps Preview

The best local development practices are being imposed to make sure that Azure Static Web Apps perform well. technology credit union these practices include fixing of the online app for the static content. After this, Azure functions app are often configured for application API. Right then, the debugging of the appliance is often executed following by running.

6. the highest Browsers Will Change the Privacy Settings Soon

The top browsers, like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Brave, are close to change their privacy settings to stop the industry from trackers online. it'll eventually enhance privacy protection and make your privacy settings proficient to handle tracking online.

7. QBot Trojans are Now Hijacking Email Threads without User Consent

The emailed conversations are now in trouble because the new QBot Trojans are implementing modern tactics and measures to urge into the private conversations to leak the financial data and important credentials. In 2008, the trojans harmed over 100,000 victims in several countries.

8. Role of CISOs in Determining the longer term of labor 

CISOs do an excellent job by predicting the factor of cybersecurity needs while the people are working remotely, leaving the secured office premises. Every CISO is implementing new strategies for 2020 to form remote working a secure remedy to assist both individuals also because of the company.

9. DevSecOps on Improving Application Security

DevSecOps is an integration to enable security practices amidst the DevOps Process. it's the perfect solution to enable security testing for continuous integration and coding upgrades for the event teams. it'll make sure that the testing and fixing of the software is completed internally.

10. Report on the worldwide Agile and DevOps Services Software Industry Market 2020

The market demand for the Agile and DevOps Services Software is high, and it eventually hints at the expansion expectancy within the revenue for the forecast period. There are basically two sorts of products that the key players are distributing to clients, which include On-Premises or Cloud-Based.

11. Cloud IDE Platform by Gitpod Open-Sources

Gitpod has now introduced its own cloud-based IDE platform for preparing the ready-to-code development platform. because it is open-sourcing, it'll help the whole Gitpod community to require part within the development process to integrate onto the workflows, as stated by the corporate.

12. How are you able to Prevent Cloud Waste?

Cloud usage helps individuals economize for using their own data centers or server rooms. The cloud may be a complex technology, and it demands the proper usage without which the mistakes can end up being a costly hassle. To avoid some costly mistakes, you would like to follow a number of the designated ways, as stated by professionals.

13. BEC Scams to Pickup Pace During Global Breakdown

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Prevention Scheme is designated to assist suppress the e-mail scams that hamper businesses. Since 2018, the department has remodeled 370 arrests and prevented over $300 million of fraudulent transactions. But the BEC scams are rising over the past six years even after following effective control measures.

14. the way to Enable Live Chat on Your Website?

People visit your website for a reason. Maybe they're curious about your product and repair, have some related queries, or are just browsing. Live chat may be a great method of offering customer service if done right. inspect ways to enable live chat on your website and therefore the benefits of getting them.

15. 8 Best Wireless Security Cameras for Your Beautiful Home

Home Security is some things that most are equally concerned about and tries to seek out new ways to reinforce. Here are a couple of recommendations that we concede to be the simplest options within the market. It could act as a guide for you to form the proper choice that's more suitable for you and your home.

16. what's Concept Map and the way to make One?

Have you faced trouble lately while making sense of your ideas after a brain dumping session? Whether you're an aspiring student or a business owner, an idea map can assist you. Dig deeper into the science of concept mapping and understand everything abo

17. the way to Protect WordPress from DDoS Attacks?

All the diligence you set on your WordPress website might be gone in a second if you don’t take any measures to guard it against DDoS attacks. Explore a number of the solutions which supply comprehensive WordPress site security.

18. 10 Terraform Best Practices for Better Infrastructure Provisioning

Terraform may be a very fashionable open-source IaC (infrastructure as code) tool to define and provision the entire infrastructure. be careful with a number of the simplest practices that ought to be followed while using Terraform.

There are many use cases for AIOps like faster root-cause analysis, predictive analytics, noise reduction, proactive remediation, intelligent automation, etc.

If you're an enormous organization with a big IT infrastructure on cloud servers, AIOps can really be useful. information technology degrees

 you'll use AIOps to scale back your company’s cloud costs and improve cloud security compliance through AI automation.

AIOps expert responsibilities are:

Collection and aggregation of massive Data

Create automatic system responses using machine learning

Create scalable production deployment models

Build AI models to predict future problems

Identify root causes and propose solutions.


So, of these trends which I just discussed are associated with IT operations and hence the Ops part in their names. Few of them will surely be crucial and as popular as DevOps within the next few years. Now you'll decide which Ops is more relevant for your business and may help in benefiting your organization within the near future.