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Building a Cloud Business for the NHS: Top TipsTransform, innovate, modernise

Transform, innovate, modernise – these seem to be the buzzwords of the day, and cloud epitomises all of those, information technology training so what’s the simplest way forward? Neil Everatt of Software Europe, which provides cloud services to NHS for people, expenses and contracts, shares his top tips for building a cloud business that’s right for the NHS.

So you would like to sell your cloud software to the NHS? Well, why not? The centralised National Programme for it's long gone, the govt wants to encourage competition, and particularly SMEs into a public sector and everybody knows the govt protects the NHS budget, right?

Do your marketing research early. a couple of years back, as a little firm of 18 people, marketing research was really tough for us to perform. However, we made it a priority, did it anyway and learnt exactly what our customers needed. One thing we discovered was that to be a very effective cloud service, our staff expenses solution would wish to attach to the NHS payroll system, a system called Electronic Staff Record [ESR]. this is able to mean that approved claims might be sent directly for payment. It meant adapting our product, but it might reap big rewards within the end.

Work with customers – not for patrons. Early in our development path, we opened a dialogue with the NHS central team who were incredibly helpful in guiding us through the method and therefore the necessary security checks for providing a cloud service to the NHS.

Security, security and security. We found that gaining an ISOIEC 27001:2005 certification was incredibly helpful, but not always acceptable as a knowledge security sign up isolation. we might often host NHS data staff visits who would really like to see how we were planning on taking care of their data. We found another unexpected advantage therein our office was purpose inbuilt our reseller days, and it included an entire host of security additions that added an enormous amount of confidence to those data security officers. We always made sure we had the very best rating on the NHS’s Information Governance Toolkit, the interior security check employed by the NHS organisations. We’ve recently moved to ISO27001:2013, a good more rigorous standard, which I’m guessing are going to be the minimum requirement within a couple of years.

Spot the influencers. Over the years we've noticed that there are a couple of influential innovators and early adopters within the NHS – these people could see what we’re trying to try to and purchased into the thought. We nurtured relationships with these people, valuing their feedback and appreciating that if they liked what we did, they might tell others.

Companies must have a transparent need for his or her cloud service. For us, working with the NHS, we all know that each one trusts are trying to find compliance with rules, to scale back costs and to get rid of paper from processes [this is being driven by the highest now]. We make sure our cloud services meet these needs. 

Understanding the procurement imperative. When businesses check out the NHS they often think every organisation is that the same – trust by trust, CCG by CCG, CSU by CSU – or maybe that it's one business, but it’s not. within the youth, we thought procurement would be easy; we could replicate our efforts with similar thinking across customers. But, tender processing is extremely deep, it takes an extended time and trusts are rightfully careful to follow the principles. the earlier a firm understands this, the better they’ll find it. We embrace the very fact that we’ll get to modify our cloud service for each trust.

I should add there are now a variety of framework agreements which will be utilised which makes the method slightly easier and, with the G-Cloud model growing in awareness, this will be another excellent route for your NHS prospects to your products and services.

Be flexible. We’re agile and we’re flexible. Not just within the procurement process, but in our cloud services. We are slightly fortunate that our expenses system, for instance, was already very configurable, but the NHS needed an entirely new layer on top of that.

Communicate to customers regularly. We confirm we've an excellent team communicating with customers on a daily basis about our cloud service roadmap. we've annual user conferences and now have a roadshow strategy when important new features are planned.

Stand out and be seen. We decided to attend and sponsor NHS events as we could afford them, turning up with our roll-up banners and quirky artefacts to urge us noticed. One year, we used a ride-on remote car which was meant to link to our duty of care and driving features within the product. We then hit on the thought of offering it as a raffle prize… it had been an enormous success, everybody wanted to win this car for his or her kids or their grand-kids. This gained us a rock-solid and bang up so far database of contacts for our sales team to figure with.

Software Europe provides cloud services for people, expenses and contracts. the corporate is transforming businesses within the NHS, wider public sector and commercial markets. It already works with 65% of the NHS handling staff expenses. cloud technology companies Customers include 5 Boroughs NHS Foundation Partnership, South West Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit.

Innovative Business Uses For Wi-Fi

We’ve all benefitted from the event of Wi-Fi technology in recent years, with speedier connections reception and work to form the utilization of smartphones and portable devices.

In fact, we’ve reached the stage now where 60% of the population reckon they couldn’t live without their Wi-Fi for quite each day, an addiction stronger than our obsession with coffee to urge us through a working day.

But Wi-Fi isn’t almost giving us a platform to attach to the web.

The capabilities for convenience open up innovative ways for businesses to use it to their advantage. Here’s a number of the ways Wi-Fi are often utilised to good effect by businesses…

Roam around

Meeting rooms all booked up? or even you would like a more inspirational setting for a brainstorm than sitting around a table ahead of 4 blank walls? Wi-Fi means you'll offer access to your system and network from anywhere within range of your signal. meaning meetings are often outside or within the cafeteria which employees don’t get to feel chained to their desk with their creativity stifled.


Of course, this will transcend that too. Wi-Fi in pubs, restaurants, cafes and reception means employees can escape from the office and perform their business in additional favourable surrounds while still remaining connected and using their time effectively.

Retain People Traffic

The Wi-Fi offered in pubs and cafes is really an honest business tool for them. With customers attracted by fast reliable Internet connections, they’re far more likely to line up camp and stay for a short time, pocket money within the meantime. An American study showed that premises with free Wi-Fi enjoyed better pedestrian traffic, with customers spending longer – and crucially extra money – as a result.


There’s also a marketing opportunity from offering free Wi-Fi. Customers are allowed access to a network providing their details are registered and that they are signed in. this provides the business with a way of contacting the customer with offers and promotions within the future to entice them back.

Rural Woes

Businesses in rural areas often suffer from the poor mobile signal, making for frustration for his or her employees. Switching to web-based communication apps that tap into Wi-Fi can bypass this and ensure the business runs more smoothly within the countryside.

Vehicle Safety

Ultrasonic sensors and cameras are often fitted on to a vehicle to supply a system that feeds into a monitor and alerts the driving force to any obstacles or hazards within the vicinity and sheds light on the doubtless dangerous blind spot. information technology colleges

 Brigade systems show how this will work to spice up the security of vehicles and the way Wi-Fi technology can make sure that this technique is connected without the necessity for a posh system of cables.


With tech-savvy employees owning and using the newest smart consumer devices why would you like to carry them back? By allowing access to the corporate Wi-Fi companies can have an easy and effective thanks to incorporate a healthy Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) into their working practices.information technology colleges

With Wi-Fi now seemingly controlling 60% of the population’s lives, we should always really be thankful for the Starbucks on every corner – the online fix we crave is now even as strong because of the lust for a double shot latte.