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Top 10 Cloud Based Recruitment Management Platforms For Your IT Consultancy Business

With the development of technology came easier ways for Management to find, control and hire people. This is a wonderful thing, especially thinking about the dimensions of the candidate markets for a number of the top paid and desired positions.

Such is the IT industry which encompasses a big selection to jobs and obligations. It thus becomes comprehensible why an IT Consultancy would need to automate the system and make it simpler for them to handle.

However, locating a dependable and effective software program is an entire different problem that these corporations should deal with.

Luckily, there are plenty of picks and some of them drastically stand out with the quality, their capabilities and prices.

Here they're:

Zoho Recruit

This is an online applicant monitoring system and recruitment software that may significantly simplify your manner. It allows you to music resumes, interviews, and source better talent. Zoho offers 24/7 customer aid, requires no agreement or set up prices and you could pay as you go.


Smartrecruiters is used by way of a number of the high-quality establishments inside the IT industry as a hiring tool. It has rich features consisting of collaborative hiring, recruitment marketing, and so on. It’s built on a present day cloud platform and it’s used by agencies like Visa, Sketchers etc. You don’t even have to worry about Candidate revel in as it will stay excellent in the course of the procedure

Newton ATS

This is an intuitive system constructed via specialists who've had enjoy with recruitment software. It works seamlessly and consistent with your vision. You can recruit and engage with candidates, work with your group on recruitment or send provide letters – it covers everything. It’s additionally the simplest fully cell recruitment device in the marketplace so if that is some thing g you're looking for, this software program is for you.

Breezy HR

This is a modern-day device with effortless layout and a ton of useful function for any recruiter. It can automate a of your manual tams and still ensure candidate satisfaction. It’s green and helpful.


This is a collaborative recruitment software program which promoted expertise engagement by using automating tedious obligations and clean, smooth-to-operate interface. It also has a integrated CRM capability and it can help you build robust relationships with candidates.

Career Arc

Career Arc combines social media management with process distribution and recruitment organisation. It’s clean to paintings with and it automates all of the time-ingesting obligations, giving you extra time for human touch and trying out of the applicants whilst supplying them with a unbroken hiring procedure.

Bamboo HR

BambooHR has a fixed of talent tracking and on boarding equipment that may launch you of the boring info and allow you to spend time studying the candidates. It has a simple design and a big selection of functions which will let you cooperate and offer an awesome candidate journey.

Job Jet

This is a huge statistics platform which involves locating, contacting and rating applicants based on their competences. It gives for an handy experience and spans all the essential paintings flows so one can create a coherent platform for recruiters. It has a integrated messaging control device.


Is an all-in-one recruiting software that permits you to music, find, and lease candidates. It’s smooth to apply and enforce into your company while speeding the hiring system up and meeting all of your hiring goals. Over 6000 agencies are the use of it currently.

“We have used Workable for some time now and we clearly respect what it did for us. The recruitment was seamless and smooth on us without dampening the wealth of candidate enjoy. You can say it spared us quite a few effort and time while supplying most useful results,“ says David Fulham, a recruiter from Academicbrits.

Clear agency

This is a software program device that provides for an handy recruitment for both non-public and public establishments. It connects and combines multiple points of recruitment, allowing recruiters to automate many manual processes and applicants to have an optimal revel in throughout the hiring journey. It’s a easy and powerful software that will seamlessly combine agency, recruiting, comparing and handling the applicants.

Bottom Line

While finding an awesome software program isn’t clean – irrespective of what you’ll use it for – there are some quite accurate options out there. When searching, Management want to try to attention on their wishes and comparing them to the functions of diverse software program. Management need to in no way settle because you’ll just grow to be with an expensive, unusable product. Look at a number of this software program if you don’t recognize where to begin

Cloud leaders provide protection, must you get onboard?

Cloud computing is increasingly more developing in recognition amongst agencies looking to enhance operational efficiencies and reduce down on era resources. According to a recent document from IDC, overall spending on cloud IT infrastructure in 2018 is forecasted to be $62.2 billion with year-over-year increase of 31.1 percent. These figures highlight that even as cloud computing became once simplest adopted by using a small quantity of organisations, it is now becoming the norm for groups throughout the world. 

Among these firms shifting to the cloud, many are turning to principal cloud web hosting carriers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), that offer software program-, platform- and infrastructure-as-a-provider. After disrupting the IT marketplace with their bendy, powerful and cost-efficient cloud offerings, we're now seeing a huge push by these household named technology vendors to introduce protection functions of their services. According to recent estimates, AWS now holds a 33 percent proportion of the whole cloud market, carefully followed via Microsoft Azure with a 13 percent share.

There’s already little room left for traditional website hosting carriers, and the contemporary push into security is any other step towards further market dominance and customer tie-in, but need to you get on board?

Putting their cash in which safety is

The move into security comes with good reasons. 90 percentage of cybersecurity experts are involved about cloud safety, making it one in every of the biggest roadblocks to cloud adoption. To help triumph over migration hurdles, foremost cloud providers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, have released new features which are designed to steady cloud environments. The cloud companies have already got an organisations’ records, applications and virtual machines, so it’s a convenient subsequent step to apply this agree with as an opportunity to sell additional services like protection.

These protection operation center (SOC) offerings include identification get right of entry to management to prohibit unauthorised get right of entry to to cloud statistics, encryption for information in transit, multi-element authentication and secure key management amongst different things. The services are integrated into every of the vendor’s cloud platform, which means that that uptake has been sturdy as there's very little attempt on the consumer’s part. However, thinking about today’s new superior cyberattacks focused on cloud environments, are these offerings enough?

While many corporations will trust that the security supplied in AWS, Azure and GCP is country of the art, regrettably this isn't always the case. The protection supplied by using these carriers works well inside their very own environments, however they may be much less effective for an company with a hybrid infrastructure.

This essentially approach that additional security answers are vital for these environments.

The undertaking of hybrid infrastructure

AWS, Azure and Google Cloud have disrupted the conventional infrastructure market. After realising that security is a prime roadblock to cloud adoption, they may be putting money and attempt to built-in safety features. But hybrid setups remain a task for organisations, with a 3x annual boom in hybrid cloud adoption it is crucial to look beyond the safety equipment supplied by way of the main cloud companies for protection to help triumph over those problems.

With 40% of companies choosing hybrid cloud, companies have to recollect how powerful their protection tools will be across those environments. A protection tool that helps environments from more than one vendors will prove more useful than a device that is like minded with handiest one vendor. Organisations ought to additionally have a clean understanding of the visibility and get entry to manage the tool will provide and robust insight into the level of safety it will provide towards today’s advanced attacks targeting the cloud.

For instance, the new Azure Security Center can take care of safety tests for non-Azure assets however customers want to set up the Azure tracking agent and that is most effective available for a small subset of running systems. With AWS this isn't the case, most effective AWS hosted belongings can be monitored. Therefore, if you have a whole lot of heterogeneous operating structures and legacy packages, you're limited by way of the tools and will want to apply and integrate third birthday party protection equipment to guard your records and belongings.

In addition, some of the fundamentals and satisfactory practices – particularly vulnerability assessment, CIS and CSA benchmarks for cloud security are not covered by way of the cloud service companies underneath the shared duty model, it's far consequently your corporation’s obligation to offer effective monitoring in these areas.

Six key factors to steady hybrid cloud

Identify cloud belongings automatically
It is easy for company departments to launch new virtual machines and use take a look at storage for companies with IaaS now not sanctioned via IT. To save you cloud shadow IT, security teams must be able to automatically discover cloud property while they may be released, on the way to examine their danger and put suitable safety controls in place.

Cloud Security Posture Management

Gartner coined Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), sometimes known as hygiene, hardening or configuration evaluation. With Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), cloud companies transfer a number of hazard to the configuration of the offerings through the person (for example on AWS S3, the risk comes from the permissions of the buckets, if developers get it incorrect then information is exposed). Therefore, safety teams need to run configuration assessment in a continuous fashion to make certain nothing is adrift.

Hybrid Cloud Workload Security

With the IaaS shared obligation model, corporations want to stable their workloads. This consists of vulnerability management and hardening, network segmentation or anti-virus. It is especially critical to have answers that aid cloud and non-cloud workloads.

API help for automation

APIs are nothing new and maximum cloud offerings include their personal APIs to facilitate integration with other structures. On one hand it's miles critical to put in force solutions that use the API for discovery and configuration retrieval. On the other hand, the API with the aid of which records is accessed stays a susceptible link. Security teams have to extend their assessment to this new attack surface and make certain robust authentication and encryption are in place.

Identity and Access Management

Getting back to the only instance of S3 buckets, user permissions are the maximum critical configuration to get right. Therefore, safety teams need to evaluate person rights and access on a everyday basis and be alerted whilst unusual activities are detected. cloud technology companiesIn a hybrid scenario, this means connections to Active Directory as well to AWS IAM API.

Data Security

Data is the crown jewels. Security teams want to have automated methods of identifying the data and then protecting sensitive facts at rest and in transit via encryption

Cloud offerings companies are constantly evolving their answer to improve their safety offerings to hold up their cease of the shared duty model, and organisations entering into the cloud ought to do the same to keep up their a part of the bargain.

Cloud: The one actuality in an uncertain post-Brexit world

There is still giant uncertainty regarding the United Kingdom’s destiny after Brexit. But one thing is for certain: commercial enterprise leaders would require flexibility to reply to the effect of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union (EU) subsequent year. So it's miles in all likelihood that the upheaval of Brexit will make contributions to elevated adoption of cloud-based offerings as organizations hold to prepare themselves for a doubtlessly turbulent environment. This is echoed by way of TechMarketView which lately stated that 50% of the United Kingdom corporation software marketplace may be Software as a Service (Saas) by 2021, double what it is today. Indeed, organisations are an increasing number of dependent on generation to serve ever-extra demanding users, and will therefore spend more on software program and cloud-based services that provide greater flexibility and future proofing.

Since 2013, the government has had a totally clear declaration that any new IT project should recall a cloud-first approach, chiefly other solutions, as a part of its Cloud First coverage.Despite this, a recent Eduserv document indicates progress toward a ‘cloud first’ policy is slow, with handiest 40% of local government saying that they've a cloud coverage or approach in place.At the same time, a new record from Solarwinds showed 77% of public area respondents taken into consideration cloud the most essential generation of their current strategy.

Public area businesses remain under unprecedented pressure to supply transformed services to a growing and annoying population, with most important budget constraints. While departure from the EU is in all likelihood to require the implementation of a high volume of new legislation, it's also clear that agile and collaborative running, collectively with elevated records insight, can be critical to transformation.information technology colleges So what can the cloud offer in this era of price range constraints and uncertainty?

Enabling further efficiencies

With a persevered requirement for public area bodies to paintings below the restrictions of flat or decreasing budgets (and no sign of this converting within the near destiny), enterprises want to alternate the manner they perform to proactively supply better carrier in a extra agile manner. The UK’s destiny prosperity is based on generation innovation and, undoubtedly, transferring to the cloud may be a first-rate thing in driving further efficiencies.information technology consulting Not only because the cloud permits a more green delivery however additionally because it helps boost up the implementation and adoption of technologies along with automation and synthetic intelligence (AI). Whether it's far elevated scalability, improved mass communique or real-time information sharing, cloud computing makes agencies and businesses more efficient, at the same time as lowering prices.

Offering flexibility around facts hosting

In pursuit of extra flexibility and controlled IT spending in the pre- and post-Brexit environment, the cloud is a sensible investment. It doesn’t require spend in on-premises hardware and infrastructure (fixed property) in an unpredictable environment. The cloud can help regionally hosted alternatives in either the United Kingdom or elsewhere inside the EU and, crucially, it's far scalable, which means no need to apply a ‘crystal ball’. Organisations can observe what they circulate to the cloud and whilst, particularly as hardware desires to be refreshed.

Increasing safety and streamlining regulatory compliance

Cloud answers have advanced to the point where they may be more secure and dependable than conventional, on-premises answers. In fact, 64% of organisations document that the cloud is more stable than their previous systems. Hosting all information in a stable cloud solution can make sure ease of get right of entry to to help organisations meet GDPR requirements. Many businesses will want support to navigate changing compliance necessities post-Brexit, as these suggestions are challenge to exchange, along with whilst new regulations are introduced if the UK reveals new change partners. The flexibility and agility that cloud computing gives will provide a clear benefit to businesses, allowing them to adapt quickly.

Enhancing agility

As the point out of Brexit is unsurprisingly observed by way of the word ‘uncertainty’, the potential to evolve to sudden adjustments is vital. Adopting a cloud structure will help corporations to take benefit of recent offerings and offer them with the agility to conform rapidly to modifications in regulations and rules. The cloud provides the correct answer to data garage and accessibility problems and is certainly one of the only approaches for IT leaders to prepare their businesses.

Engaging and attracting talent

Moreover, to attract pinnacle tech skills, it's far critical to offer bendy and collaborative operating across corporations, especially those which can be geographically dispersed. The cloud reduces the want for personnel to travel lengthy distances or be firmly rooted to their desks from 9-5pm, as structures can be accessed remotely, on demand. For CIOs, shifting to the cloud gives the ability to conquer preceding limitations and enhance the fee they deliver to their employer through the adoption of tools like analytics or AI, and securing collaboration out of doors the commercial enterprise premises.

Most public sector enterprises have, as a minimum partly, embraced the cloud and understand its benefits. In those unsettling Brexit times, it presents establishments with much wanted flexibility and agility. If you add that investing in the cloud helps fast adoption of innovation and new technology which includes AI for you to be vital to the UK economy’s future success, there has never been a better time to turn to the cloud.